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TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Mouth Breathing
  2. Consistently Wearing Contacts
  3. Enlarging the Salivary Gland (Excessive saliva)

Sound interesting? Okay, ladies. Let’s start!

1. Mouth Breathing | Bad Habit

For starters, we are talking about breathing thru your mouth all the time. Not a bad habit — right? Wrong. So, how could it make you ugly?

“Breathing through the nose is the principle. It is the reason we have a nose to breathe. When you breathe thru your mouth, it changes your face. Our standard is when our mouths are closed…  But, if you keep your mouth open the flow of air goes to the roof of the mouth and not to the nose. In this process, the center of the face becomes a bit long. And there are people whose chin goes back or gets longer. It can lead to facial asymmetry, or the mouth comes out, lantern jaws, short chins.” says Dr. Kim Tae-gyu.

So, lets recap, breathing through your mouth is a bad habit because it can change your face shape — making you look ugly. With that said, we should try to breathe via the nose.

2. Consistently Wearing Contacts | Bad Habit

In addition, a bad habit of consistently wearing contacts can make you ugly. Shocking, right? According to advertising, wearing contacts could make you prettier. So, how can they make you ugly?

“The curve of our eyes are smooth, but by blinking our eyes we go over the smooth surface. If there is a lens, there is a distortion. So when our eyes go up and come down again, the eyelids bump and constantly make friction in this part. So, it makes thick tissues – making the blinking function worse. One of the clear reasons of lid ptosis is [wearing] contact lenses.” says Dr. Kim Tae-gyu.

So, lets recap, consistently wearing contact lenses can be a bad habit because it can cause lid ptosis — making your eyes look ugly. With that said, we should try to wear proper corrective lenses — such as glasses — to avoid lid ptosis.

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3. Enlarging the Salivary Gland | Bad Habit

Bat Habit Eating Sour Food

Another bad habit is enlarging the salivary gland via producing too much saliva in your mouth. Excessive saliva can make you ugly. So, how does it make you unpretty?

“If the salivary gland gets bigger, the root of the ear gets bulgy. There are many salivary glands in our body. Under the chin, in the middle of the chin, under the ear… When you eat something sour or when you chew gum for a long time, sometimes you feel a twinge, around your chin. It is because the saliva comes out explosively… So, when you feel a twinge its because there is pressure. Just like how muscles get thicker from exercise. When salivary glands make a lot of saliva and it comes out abnormally, the size of the salivary gland gets bigger. It is important to keep the salivary glands from getting bigger. Sour food, spicy and salty food, overeating and vomiting are situations when a lot of saliva is made. It includes chewing gum for a long time. Everyone’s salivary gland gets bigger as you get old. But it is difficult to decrease the size of the salivary gland once it gets huge. There is surgery to cut it off, but when you have cancer. Normally you do not cut off the salivary gland for beauty.” says Dr. Kim Tae-gyu.

So, lets recap, your habits that over exercise the salivary glands can make parts of your face bigger — making you look ugly. It is important to keep your salivary glands from getting bigger.

Major Takeaways

You now know a few bad habits that can make you ugly and how to fix them.

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