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Faith Looks Up. Yes, it’s a book about faith. A journey to success by faith. But, is it a book about achieving success, like a prosperity gospel or something similar?


So, what is it about?

In this post, discover what “Faith Looks Up: A journey to success by Faith” is and isn’t. Because every Christian girl needs the deets on a faith book.

Super Awesome Side Note: Before we start, understand we will not claim contested truths. And we will refrain from falling into the trap of “teaching man-made ideas as commands from the Creator.”

Out of respect for believers, we will simply acknowledge the multiplicity of views on this subject (the keyword is “acknowledge” and not agree). So, always do further research.

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*Disclaimer: These tips could be helpful. Especially if you are a believer in Christ. Always do further research. The sources for this or any post do not equal a full endorsement of any ministry or evangelist’s personal views by***

TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Why did you write Faith Looks Up… ?
  2. How can Faith Looks Up help you
  3. What it is and isn’t

Sound juicy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start.

1. Why did you write Faith Looks Up… ?

Why? Writing my first commercial book, Faith Looks Up: a Journey to Success by Faith, has been a labor of love and now I am ready to share it with the world. I wrote this book to rouse Millennials (like myself), Gen-Z, and all generations to embrace faith.

So really, why did I write this book?

Whenever I spoke about my experience of relying on faith, there was a collective gasp, followed by comments of encouragement to write it down for others.

Was that really the typical response? 100% yes. Every. Single. Time.

For over 10 years, I have been providing a digital-native audience with faith-based posts that are 100% gratis (psst… one time I had a Plumfund here, briefly but no more). Did someone say free posts? Absolutely, posts are completely free of cost.

Although I have made no money from my FREE faith-based posts, I’m still determined to keep writing. If my motive was to monetize, I would have a pay wall, Adsense (psst… the banner is not Adsense its just a link), and a donation pop-up window on this site, but you see none of these features on That said, by buying my books, you are helping to keep the website running.

With this knowledge, you understand why I wrote Faith Looks Up. Bearing that in mind, let’s delve into how this book can help you.

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Research Proverbs 16:2, Proverbs 15:26, 1 John 4:1

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2. How can Faith Looks Up help you… ?

The greater the risk, the more alert a believer must be. That said, taking a risk by walking in faith can be a heart-pounding experience. As a believer walking by faith, you must know the potential risks to you. That’s just common knowledge. 

Faith Looks Up offers you simple advice on how to rely on your faith in Christ. As well as straightforward advice for using your faith to make the most of your time and energy. Simply put, this book gives you a tangible way to apply your faith to your life and make it better.

So why the book? The bookstores are overflowing with a bewildering selection of books, professionals, and tools on faith. This real-life story cuts through the hype by adding clarity to the walking by faith process.

Now you know how Faith Looks Up can help you. Now, let’s explore what this book does not cover.

Research 2 Timothy 2:15

3. What it is and isn’t…

The idea that success is certain with the teachings of the prosperity gospel is not accurate. That being said, Faith Looks Up does not offer a false prosperity gospel. This book does what it says: it describes a journey to success by faith.

The book Faith Looks Up does not promote a prosperity gospel that glorifies money and pleasure. Period.

So how do you spot those kinds of books? By looking for books that emphasize getting rich and having the most expensive things, you can spot those teaching a false prosperity gospel. The false prosperity gospel ignores the scriptural guidance on what it means to be truly blessed. That said, God’s blessing is given to those He deems worthy. It’s His right to choose.

Research Romans 9:18, Ephesians 1:4, 1 Peter 5:8

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Major Takeaways

You now what Faith Looks Up: A journey to success by Faith is and isn’t.

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