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You may know that Bubble Tea is an amazing drink.

It is great as a rare summer refreshment.

But, did you know that this tasty drink can potentially ruin your beauty?

In this revealing post, discover ways Bubble tea might ruin your beauty. Because every girl should know how this tea might affect her beauty.

*Disclaimer: Not all Bubble teas are harmful. Always check with your restaurant to see if their tea has all natural ingredients. This post is not to be used as judgement on people who love this beverage. It is F.Y.I. only. As with any health tip or beauty hack, ask your doctor first. Please ask an honest licensed pro. Always do further research on what you consume. These tips are based on the scientific findings of wellness researchers. Also, the sources for this or any post does not equal a full endorsement of any their personal views by***

TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Blood Disorders
  2. Poor Digestion
  3. Weight Gain

Sound wild? Okay, ladies. Let’s start! 

1. Gnarly “Milk” | Blood Disorders

For starters, many Bubble Teas are made with real milk products — such as almond milk or coconut milk.

The hidden truth is, they make certain kinds of this tea with “milk essence”. The milk essence could be loaded with chemicals. Such as trace arsenic, lead, copper, and other minerals.

If you drink this tea in mass, it has the potential to lead one to heart disease, blood disorders, cancer, and asthma.

These health risks can wreck your overall beauty.

2. Toxic Tapioca Balls | Poor Digestion

Bubble Tea by Awayion Beauty

Some Tapioca Balls in this tea are plastic. I am not sure that eating plastic is great for helping your body stay beautiful.

To make the Tapioca Balls more “rubbery” they add mullet protein. This is artificial plastic powder and we cannot remove this from our bodies.

To keep beautiful skin, your body must be able to remove harmful toxins. And these “plastic balls” can ruin your beautiful skin. This ingredient is one the body cannot digest.

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3. Zero Nutrients | Weight Gain

Bubble Tea by Awayion Beauty

This tea has no nutrients. This tea cannot qualify as a health drink. There is a high risk for obesity when this tea is drank in mass.

This tea can contain fattening ingredients. Bubble Tea has a high concentration of high fructose corn syrup. This tea has Cassava — a root veggie made of pure starch.

Studies show that each Tapioca Ball in this tea, has 7-15 calories. And that counts for each one you devour.

These ingredients alone might wreck your beauty via weight gain.

Major Takeaways

You now know 3 ways Bubble Tea can potentially steal your beauty.

This post is a part of Awayion Beauty. So make sure you come back for more powerful beauty tips.

Know of other ways this tea can be good or bad?

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