Slide Think.
What does
Your success
look like?

Slide 98% of the population wants instant gratification. But only 2% of the population knows those trying to establish something long term are wise — and they stick around longer — because they walk by faith.

Slide I know you are looking to establish long term. And you have heard all the amazing benefits that come to those who walk by faith.

Slide Yet, 98% of the people get bored — and they find excuses why they cannot walk by faith after 3 days. But your goal is bigger than getting bored after 3 days. You came here because you have a goal to succeed.

Slide And the truth is — you and I know that will not happen overnight. It’s going to take time.

Slide Now I have a question for you.
Are you one of those people
not willing to take the time to
achieve your goal?
Or are you one of the 98%
expecting your goal to
fall out of the sky?

Slide Are you telling me you are of the 2% who won't give up? You’re telling me you are going to do whatever it takes to sustain and hit your goal?

Slide So that means whenever you
come to that place — whether
it’s 3 days, weeks, or months
from now when something
has impeded your goal.

Slide Whether it be something
on your job,
— something at
home — or
you rather do.

Slide You’re telling me you're going to reach your goal — and that you will not allow those distractions to take you off your course?

Slide Now whatever you decide to do — you have a book here that helps you achieve your goal. Now I am sure you will reach your goal regardless of distractions because you are a 2% who walks by faith.

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