Faith Looks Up A Journey to Success by Faith ©Awayion

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Are all sales of the E-book
final? Yes.

How can I read my E-book?
This version is available for PC & Mac OS, ANDROID, IOS, NOOK, Apple, and Kindle E-readers.

Does this book guarantee I reach my wildest dreams?
Frankly, this book is an effective tool to help you activate and sustain legit godly dreams or goals. It’s insight can help you understand how our Heavenly Father leads.

I saw this book on Amazon, but it’s not there anymore. What happened?
Awayion no longer sells books in any form via Amazon. This ebook is in select online retailers and featured on only.

I am having trouble downloading my ebook. What happened?
First, check your downloads folder for the ebook zip file. Then open the zip file to view the ebook. Second, check your email for the receipt. Follow the instructions on the receipt. If you still cannot download the ebook after doing these steps, email us at with proof of your purchase.

Is this book available in paperback?
Coming soon. We will post updates on this FAQ page.