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Steve Camp – Consider the Cost w/ Lyrics

“Cool song. Watch More Videos on Awayion on YouTube.”-Aubrey

She Tried…

“Nice animation. Watch More Videos on Awayion on YouTube.”-Aubrey

요게벳의 노래 (Feat. 조찬미) – 염평안 2집(IN THE BIBLE)

“Nice song. Watch More Videos on Awayion on YouTube.”-Aubrey

NEW: Rejected? Heartbreak? This Can Help You

“Watch more Awayion videos now on YouTube.”-Aubrey

Stand for Truth

“Very deep thoughts by David Heavener. Great video to watch and think about.”-Aubrey

I AM shofar

“Watch and then research the uniqueness of a shofar. Cool.”-Aubrey

Israeli Geneticists Confirm Jesus’ Father ‘Non-Human’

“Very, very interesting.”-Aubrey

Bible Theme:The Messiah

“This videos is awesome! Check it out for yourself!”-Aubrey

Why the Bible-Ravi Zacharias

“This video answers the question of why should you believe the Bible. Deep.”-Aubrey