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In this Quick Read, You’ll Learn

How to shift negative thinking into peak performance

Key overlooked skills for building successful relationships

3 secrets to prevent you from making costly mistakes

How to thrive by faith and experience lasting joy

I believe you deserve a vibrant life and lasting joy.

Use my real life story and get the techniques that have built relationships and saved me thousands of hours. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Know for sure using tested faith techniques for your business and personal life.

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Ever wondered why some people are living their God-given dreams of success by faith while others drown in uninterrupted hardships?

If so, the plot of this memoir MIGHT be the answer to this age old question. Faith Looks Up: A Journey to Success by Faith, will methodically take you through my unbelievable success by faith journey. Via this fast-paced, real-life faith journey, you learn to shift negative thinking into peak performance, a vibrant life, and lasting joy.

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POLLY S., Retired Educator

“A tremendous inspiration for trailblazers.” : Aubrey makes following the will of The Father seem doable – reminding me it’s never too late to do God’s Will. This book is a must read.

JACK ON TRACK , Author & Filmmaker

“WOW!" : "Yeaah great. Wonderful story."

Sharon B. , Gourmet Chef

“Dream Met" : "Aubrey Awayion's 'Faith Looks Up' helps you to rediscover your dreams and successfully live them by faith."

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