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Faith Looks Up: A Journey to Success by Faith


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If you’ve ever wondered why some people are living their God-given dreams of success while others drown in uninterrupted hardships – then you’d be crazy not to read Aubrey Awayion’s Faith Looks Up. This book reaches a flourishing market of readers, hungry to gain success by faith. Besides telling the story of her journey, Aubrey delivers the biblical root of faith and success. This unique memoir gives you the ultimate keys to overcome obstacles and tap into the magnificent force of faith — so you can activate and sustain your dreams of success.



Editorial Review

“Aubrey Awayion’s Faith Looks Up, helps you to rediscover your dreams and successfully live them by faith.”

SHARON BUSH, Gourmet Chef & Owner of The Pip Cookie Co.

From the Publisher

Customer Reviews

“A tremendous inspiration for trailblazers.” : I wasn’t sure about buying this – but it’s never too late to do God’s Will. This book is great for women of all ages.
-POLLY S., Retired Educator

“Life changing book. A must read.” : I thought this was a get rich quick book. Boy was I wrong. It’s totally NOT. This book ministers to my soul. It’s a quick read. But, I can’t stop reading it. I totally recommend this to all my friends.
HONEY L. , Documentary Filmmaker

“WOW!” : “Yeaah great. Wonderful story.”
JACK ON TRACK , Author & Filmmaker

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