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“You’re in the right place if beauty is your passion!

The best way you can be beautiful both inside and out, is by discovering what true beauty means. So, I created Awayion®.
I each month flood this site with dazzling organic beauty hacks. And sparkling inner beauty tips to help you become happier and enjoy a strong relationship with Christ Jesus of Nazareth (AKA יהושע, Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of Elohim) and your loved ones. ” -Aubrey 🙂
Psst..The ONLY social media I use are YouTube (hiatus) and Pinterest (hiatus) in the future Parler & LBRY for now…that is all.

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Meet Aubrey Awayion

— Awayion® Founder, Executive Producer, PGN Radio Host, Author of Faith Looks Up: A Journey to Success by Faith & Beauty Blogger

She is one of America’s innovative millennial content creators. Aubrey is an executive producer and an international radio host of The Sunday Night PGN Prayer Team Show. And now comes the best part, she loves our Creator (יהוה aka The Alpha & Omega, Our Heavenly Father).

Her work encompasses literature, new media, documentaries, and animation. You find her work in non-profit, commercial, and post-secondary institutions in North America and South Korea.

Aubrey creates rich content to inspire belief and give inspiration. Since 2017, she joined Randy Chandler Ministries Dallas, Texas based PGN International Radio as a host. She hosts The Sunday Night PGN Prayer Team Show (airs Sun. 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 4pm PST). This show is where she inspires and prays for others worldwide.

Aubrey hosts once a month, so always check PGN for showtimes. Listen to episodes on iTunes®, PGN App (available on Google Play & Apple® Apps Store) & BlogTalk Radio. Watch PGN Live on ROKU®, Apple TV®, and Vimeo Livestream M-F 9pm CST


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Would you like to become more beautiful inside and out?

Aubrey has authored her 1st commercial book Faith Looks Up: A Journey to Success by Faith (E-Book Available at Select Online Retailers) - just for you - with more to come. Along with FREE juicy beauty hacks to support ladies who desire to be beautiful inside and out. Learn how to:


The Beginning of Awayion Beauty® & Inner Beauty Blog

Attract Naturally

Attract others with your natural beauty


Inspire your friends with your inner beauty and grow spiritually

Grow Relationship

Nurture the right habits, overcome mental blocks, and (re)discover the joy of being in a Christ-centered relationship with Christ Himself

Be Heard

Find your voice and infuse your life with powerful relationships in Christ

"Here's what to do next..."

— Aubrey, Founder of Awayion®

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