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Hi, Friends!

Your skin reeks of toxins and you need to detox — now.

But you don’t know what detox to choose.

And you want to know now, right?

What can you do?

In this post, discover a charcoal and clay detox scrub to remove skin toxins. Because every girl deserves to have clean, youthful skin.

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TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Charcoal and Clay Detox Body Scrub
  2. Detoxing Benefits (AKA Remove Skin Toxins)
  3. How to use Charcoal and Clay Detox Scrub

Sound interesting? Okay, ladies. Let’s start!

1. Charcoal and Clay Detox Body Scrub

For starters, we are talking of a body scrub that does more than buff skin. Charcoal and Clay Detox Body Scrub (Beauty Within Co.) works to remove harsh toxins embedded deep in the skin.

Most body scrubs only fix surface issues — while leaving embedded skin toxins untouched.

BTW: The product I am focusing on in this post is from the Beauty Within Co. and they do not sponsor this post.

skin toxins

2. Detoxing Benefits (AKA Remove Skin Toxins)

The detoxing benefits of this scrub can charm you.

This scrub has Kaolinite (Rose Clay). This clay provides gentle exfoliation, helps to draw toxins from the skin, helps to increase circulation, reduces skin irritation, and helps to reduce inflammation (Supplies et al., 2020). Rose Clay is a beauty hack wrapped up in a bow.

Researchers state the activated charcoal in this scrub in medical literature as a powerful antidote. One that adsorbs most organic toxins, chemicals, and poisons before they can harm the body (Wells, 2020).

With that said, charcoal and clay detox scrub could be your ultimate beauty hack for skin toxin removal. It is my personal fave.

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3. How to Use Charcoal & Clay Body Scrub

skin toxins

Using this scrub is not rocket science — getting the benefits from this scrub is super easy.

Start by massaging the scrub into wet skin — while you are showering. Then scrub gently avoiding delicate areas. To finish, rinse with water.

Major Takeaways

You now know of a charcoal and clay detox scrub to remove skin toxins.

This post is a part of Awayion Beauty. So make sure you come back for more powerful beauty tips.

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