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In this post, discover the 3 best nutrition tracker apps for your diet. Because every girl deserves to see maximum results from her diet plan.

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TL: DR A quick post glance:

  1. What is a nutritional tracker app… ?
  2. 3 best nutrition tracking apps
  3. Can you benefit?

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1. What is a nutrition tracking app… ?

nutrition tracker apps

For starters, nutrition tracking apps are for long term managment and “accurate” meausurement of your daily dietary intakes.

Self-trackers draw on varying criteria for adequate accuracy depending on how they practically integrate their tracking practices into everyday life. In essence, self-trackers are striving for practical consent over what an “accurate” measuring looks like and in what cases inaccuracy can respectively not be tolerated (Noji, 2022).

That said, this post describes the evaluation of 3 nutrition tracking apps associated with the following critera:

  • Available as both an iOS and Android app
  • Not linked to a specific diet + the ability to manually add your own food & nutrition information
  • Macro + micro-nutrient tracking features
  • Calorie counting functionality
  • At least 10,000 reviews (aka higher usability) on either the Apple App Store or Android App Store + a minimum average rating in at least one store of 4.5/5

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2. 3 best nutrition tracking apps

nutrition tracker apps


  • Pricing: Free Basic version, paid Premium version at $9.99/month to $79.99/year
  • Best for: Those interested in an active community + wearable integrations
  • Number of reviews (score)
    • Apple App Store: 1.4M (4.7) #6 in Health & Fitness
    • Google Play Store: 2.5M (4.5) Editor’s Choice

An absolute powerhouse in the calorie tracking app space, and for good reason: MyFitnessPal has a database of over 14 million food items (including restaurant foods) (P., 2022).

MyFitnessPal is an easy app to use. As a bonus this app boasts a vast community on Reddit where users share stats, encouragement, even fitness tips.

Bar scanner functionality, meal logging, and tons of integrations with a host of different exercise wearables and other tracker apps round out the offerings (P., 2022).

Unfortunately, most of the features beyond basic food and calorie tracking — like macronutrient tracking, exercise tracking, and goal setting — are behind a paywall and require an upgrade to the Premium version of the app (and the free version of the app has ads) (P., 2022).


  • Pricing: Free Basic version, paid Premium version at $21.99 to $59.99/year
  • Best for: Those committed to a specific diet like Mediterranean or vegan
  • Number of reviews (score)
    • Apple App Store: 120.9K (4.7) #86 in Health & Fitness
    • Google Play Store: 312K (4.4) Editor’s Choice

Lifesum’s free version is more feature-rich than almost every other nutrition tracker app on this list. For no money down you get access to: meal and calorie tracking, macro tracking, bar code scans and picture recognition, habit tracking for things like water and vegetables, exercise tracking, and more (P., 2022).

Premium users enjoy limitless options on saved foods and meals + more variety in diet breakdowns. The Premium users can answer a few questions about habits and preferences to get personalised meal and exercise plans.

Reviewers occasionally note inconsistent measurements in some of the food items listed in the database. However, this complaint is common across nutrition tracking apps as many of the food items are user-added (P., 2022).


  • Pricing: Free Basic version, paid Gold version at $8.99/month or Gold Subscription at $49.99/year
  • Best for: Those who love customization and freedom
  • Number of reviews (score)
    • Apple App Store: 31.7K (4.7) #107 in Health & Fitness
    • Google Play Store: 19K (4.5)

This nutrition tracking app is originally designed to help you if you are following a “calorie restricted optimum nutrition” diet (aka CRON).

According to the developers, Cronometer is different from other diet apps and food trackers in that all food comes from lab-analyzed data sources and user submissions are checked for accuracy.

And the features included with Cronometer reflect that anti-aging focus. Not only can you count calories, track micronutrients (over 80), log meals, track exercise, add custom foods, and sync biometrics wearables like Fitbit and the Polar Vantage watch, or sleep trackers like the Oura Ring, but the app will also help you log and track longevity interventions like intermittent fasting, all in one place (P., 2022).

Some reviews do mention the app occasionally suffers from issues syncing data with different wearables, and the free version is ad-supported, which can turn off some people (P., 2022).

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3. Can you really benefit?

Sure, you can benefit from using a nutritional tracking app — but know that usability app related problems exist in all self-trackers. At that, self-trackers are confronting three major obstacles: the inaccuracy of measuring, the cumbersome materiality of objects and everyday practice, and the fuzzy relation of everyday doings and measuring (Noji, 2022).

So like all my health and wellness posts, I urge you to do further research before you integrate theses apps in your life.

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Major Takeaways

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