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In this post, discover 5 more extra gnarly ingredients to think about avoiding.

This post is part of a recent monthly series. A series that I have rebooted — covering food ingredients that are bad or potentially bad.

In this post, discover 5 extra gnarly ingredients to avoid. Because every girl should know what she is eating.

*Disclaimer: As with any health tip or beauty hack, always check with your doctor first. Please see an honest licensed pro. And always do further research. These tips are based on the scientific findings of wellness experts & researchers. Also, the sources for this or any post does not equal a full endorsement of any of their personal views by Awayion.com.***

TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Lactic Acid
  2. Lard
  3. Lipase
  4. Marine Oil
  5. “Natural Sources”

Sound interesting? Okay, ladies, let’s start. 

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1. Lactic acid

For starters, this ingredient you may want to avoid lives in blood and muscle tissue. You can find it in beer, sour milk, sauerkraut, and other food products made by bacterial fermentation. Fancy.

2. Lard

Ingredients Gnarly by Awayion Beauty

We find this ingredient in baked goods, French fries, and re-fried beans. Researchers say this ingredient comes from the fat from hog abdomens. Tasty.

3. Lipase

This well-used ingredient we find in cheese-making and in digestive aids. Researchers say it comes from an enzyme from the stomachs and tongue glands of baby goats, lambs, and calves. Want this?

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4. Marine Oil

This avoidable tasty ingredient we find in shortening — and in certain types of margarine.

Researchers say this ingredient comes from fish or marine mammals, including porpoises. Very fancy, eh?

5. “Natural Sources”

This ingredient you may want to avoid could mean animal or vegetable sources. Like the saying goes, “… it’s like a box of chocolates — you never know what you are going to get.”

Researchers say that in the health food realm, the phrase ‘natural sources‘ means it comes from animal sources such as animal fat, protein, elastin, glands, and animal oil. Yum… yum.

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Major Takeaways

You now know a few more extra gnarly ingredients to avoid eating.

This post is a part of Awayion Beauty. So make sure you come back for more powerful beauty tips.

Know of more ingredients to avoid?

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