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Hi, Friends!

Have you put your trust in a man alone, then reality bites your butt, and you dive headfirst into disappointment?

Frustrated, trusting in your man alone crushes your heart and keeps you from focusing on our Heavenly Father.

What can you do?

In this post, discover simple ways to guard your heart with a man. Because every girl in Christ should know how to keep her heart safe from constant disappointment. (Psst… this post is aimed at women in courtships)

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*Disclaimer: These tips could be helpful. Especially if you are a believer in Christ. Always do further research. The sources for this or any post do not equal a full endorsement of any ministry or evangelist’s personal views by Awayion.com.***

TL: DR A quick post glance:

  1. Keep God (YHWH) first
  2. Right judgement of your man’s ‘fruit’
  3. Too many disappointments equal game-over

Sound fancy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start!

1. Keep God (YHWH) first

For starters, keeping our Creator first in your life sounds like a simple decision. Yet,  most ladies seek our Heavenly Father only after a man consistently disappoints them. Which reeks of not putting our Creator and His standards first.

So how do you keep our Heavenly Father first? Begin by learning our Creator’s commands and standards for man. Then pray to our Heavenly Father for help. Next, listen to His reply and obey His Word. That is how you keep Him first to limit experiencing constant disappointments from man.

Research  Ecclesiastes 3:14, Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 3:6, James 1:5

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2. Right judgement of your man’s ‘fruit’


Right judgement of a man’s ‘fruit’ will limit your run-ins with disappointments from him. The ‘fruit’ I am referring to shows your guy’s relationship with Christ.

So how do you rightly judge a man’s ‘fruit?’ First, pray to our Heavenly Father for tangible proof of a man’s ‘fruit.’ Then try answering the following questions on your guy: 

❤ Can you say this guy has a working relationship with our Creator? 

❤ Does your guy have a daily quiet time scheduled with our Heavenly Father? 

❤ Will your guy encourage you to seek our Creator for your needs? 

❤ Does your guy pray for you? Or prey on you? 

Your right judgement of a guy’s fruit is vital to guarding your heart in all things. But, before you rightly judge your guy, judge yourself. Chances are, your ‘fruit’ could be rotten. 

Research  Matthew 4:4, John 7:24, Matthew 7:16, Luke 1:18

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3. Too many disappointments equal game-over

The problem of consistent disappointment from a guy could mean it’s time to end the relationship/courtship. 

This happens when a relationship formed hastily and without our Heavenly Father’s approval and direction. Thus the problems manifesting are hints that it’s game-over for that relationship. 

Should this be your relationship, pray then end it if you have peace in your heart to do so. You can takeaway wisdom on the errors of trusting in your man alone and resolve to focus on our Heavenly Father’s direction in relationships. This is how you protect your heart from continual disappointment.

Research  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Proverbs 4:23

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Major Takeaways

You now know simple ways to guard your heart with a man.

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