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Hi, Friends!

You just woke up and dragged yourself to the bathroom.

After a quick glance in the mirror you see you are no sleeping beauty – you don’t look good.

Total bummer.

But you want to a good reflection, right?

What can you do?

In this post, discover a few simple ways to look good in the mirror. Because every girl deserves to look great.

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TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Problem One | Saggy, Fat, or Bloated Skin
  2. Problem Two | Forehead Breakouts
  3. Problem Three | No Sleep + Stress = Inflamed Skin
  4. BONUS: Problem Four | Hair Breakage

Sound fancy? Okay, ladies. Let’s start!

1. Problem One | Saggy, Fat, or Bloated Skin

For starters, sloppy looking skin is a bummer.

Being dehydrated can cause saggy or bloated skin — thus making you look horrible in the mirror.

Per day, you lose 1.5 liters of water in urine, 750ml through the skin, 400ml through breath and 150ml in poo, yes you read that right — poo.

When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys do not work well. Your liver has to work harder to remove toxins, thus fat burning will not happen… it’s becomes secondary. Hence your poor reflection in the mirror.

Solution: Drink 1 liter of water for each 25kg of body weight.

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2. Problem Two | Forehead Breakouts

Look good in mirror

Having breakouts anywhere is a real bummer. Noticing breakouts around your forehead and in between your brows as you’re tweezing your brows — is soul crushing.

This is a sign that your liver is unhappy. A poor diet and not drinking enough water makes your face look like a crag rock.

Solution: Drink green tea, it is a natural detox remedy for your liver. And drink 1 liter of water for each 25kg of body weight. (Hmm… sounds like water may be a cure-all, huh?)

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3. Problem Three | No Sleep + Stress = Inflamed Skin

You are awake at 2AM stressed and starring at text messages — as the clock zooms to waking hours. Because of your lack of sleep (and stress) your skin becomes red and inflamed.

This means your body is producing excess cortisol and insulin — which can wreck your skin’s oil production. And lead to a rush of blood through your blood vessels & capillaries causing red and irritated skin.

Solution: Wrap your cell phone in aluminum foil to lower your WiFi radiation intake before sleeping and unplug everything so you can sleep. Praying and not worrying can help to calm you during the day and before bedtime, so that a restful night’s sleep comes easier.

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Bonus: Problem Four | Hair Breakage

Look good in the mirror

You shampooed and blow dried your hair and… boom, there is hair all over the floor like peanut shells at a sagebrush.

This means your diet is deficient in Linoleate (psst… this is found in eggs) which causes mild skin scaling and crazy hair loss.

Solution: Eat at least two eggs and drink two cups of Oolong tea per day.

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Major Takeaways

You now know how to look good in the mirror.

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