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Ever wondered if lies you tell — even the ones you think aren’t bad — will return to haunt you? 

Creepy thought, huh?

So what will happen?

In this post, discover what can happen when you tell lies. Because every girl in Christ should know the consequences of lying.

Super Awesome Side Note: Before we start, understand we will not claim contested truths. And we will refrain from falling into the trap of “teaching man-made ideas as commands from the Creator.”

Out of respect for believers, we will simply acknowledge the multiplicity of views on this subject (the keyword is “acknowledge” and not agree). That said, this is a non-exhaustive list. So use this list to do further research.

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*Disclaimer: These tips could be helpful. Especially if you are a believer in Christ. Always do further research. The sources for this or any post do not equal a full endorsement of any ministry or evangelist’s personal views by***

TL: DR A quick post glance:

  1. Lying is… ?
  2. Our Creator’s Judgement against liars
  3. Bad reputation
  4. Exposure
  5. Game over

Sound juicy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start!

1. Lying is…?


According to International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, lying is “to speak falsely,” “to fabricate,” “to make a false statement”; This encyclopedia further defines lying below:

Lying Defined:

In its very essence, a lie is something said with intent to deceive. It is not always a spoken word that is a lie, for a life lived under false pretenses, a hypocritical life, may be a lie equally with a false word (Jeremiah 23:14). A vain thing, like an idol, may be a lie (Isaiah 59:4), as also a false system (Romans 3:7). Error, as opposed to truth, is a lie (1 John 2:21). The denial of the deity of Jesus Christ is regarded as “the” lie (1 John 2:22).

The origin of lies and lying is traced to Satan who is called “a liar, and the father thereof” (John 8:44 Acts 5:3). Satan’s dealing with Eve (Genesis 3) furnishes us with a splendid illustration of the first lie, so far as we have any record of it.

Now, let’s look a secular definion of lying. According to Merriam-Webster, lying is telling or containing lies.

Now we have our definition of lying — let’s explore dire consequences of being a liar. Hopefully, this helps you repent if you are a liar.

Research  Ephesians 6:10-18, Genesis 3:1, Acts 19:14-16

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2. Our Creator’s judgement against liars

Now you know about lying. It is time for you to know how our Creator responds to liars. To your advantage, The Father gave you a warning in the Living Word — so you could avoid being punished as a liar. At that, let’s take a peak at our Creator’s reaction to lying.

Our Creator’s attitude toward this sin is strongly marked throughout both the Old Testament and New Testament (Topical Bible: Lying, 2021). The punishment to be meted out to liars is of the severest kind. They are positively and absolutely excluded from heaven (Revelation 21:27Revelation 22:15), and those who are guilty of this sin are cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8) (Topical Bible: Lying, 2021).

Our Heavenly Father will “destroy them that speak lies” (Psalm 5:6), and “he that uttereth lies shall not escape” (Proverbs 19:5), yea “a sword is upon the liars” (Jeremiah 50:36 the King James Version). The liar is thereby debarred from rendering any true and acceptable worship unto the Lord (Psalm 24:4)(Topical Bible: Lying, 2021).

At that, our Heavenly Father meted a horrible fate out to liars. You can work towards avoiding this fate by repenting (aka Metanoia) and asking The Father for forgiveness — if you acknowledge you are a liar now.

Research  Revelation 21:27, Revelation 22:15, Revelation 21:8, 1 John 1:9, Psalm 5:6, Proverbs 19:5, Jeremiah 50:36, Psalm 24:4

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3. Bad reputation


So how can bad can your reputation become from being a liar? Well, I am glad you asked. At that, let’s take a peak at what happens to the reputation of a liar.

Our Creator called the righteous to hate lying (Proverbs 13:5), to avoid it (Zechariah 3:13), to respect not those who lie, and utterly reject their company (Topical Bible: Lying, 2021).

You read that correctly. The righteous are not to respect liars and are to completely reject their company. Talk about gnarly effects on a liar’s reputation — wow, these are devastating.

Research  Zechariah 3:13, Proverbs 13:5

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4. Exposure

The Father commanded the righteous to expose the works of darkness — this includes exposing liars. Our Creator said nothing is hidden that won’t be exposed. At that, truth will ultimately emerge — and liars will be exposed — guaranteed.

So even though it seems a lie may triumph for a time. God will expose the liar — in this life or at the White Throne Judgement. At that, our Heavenly Father will make sure every transgression receives a “recompense of reward” — and this reward you don’t want to receive (Lies May Triumph for a Time, But Truth Finally Wins, 2021).

The Word remind us of the awful fate meted out to Ananias and Sapphira when they lied to God and man (Acts 5:1-11). They both lied, were exposed, and died instantly — in the same day.

Tough, eh?

Research  Acts 5:1-11, Luke 8:17, Ephesians 5:11

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5. Game Over

As stated above, “All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone” (Revelation 21:8 the King James Version).

I really cannot add anything to the impact of this verse. It truly is game over for all liars. So don’t be one.

Research  Revelation 21:8

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You now know what can happen when you tell lies.

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