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Uncover the top 10 viral nail trends of 2024 unveiled by beauty experts — See this | AWAYION BEAUTY

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Nail trends, ranging from the timeless elegance of classic French tips to the captivating allure of bold chrome finishes, have become a sensation on social media. However, the abundance of these mesmerizing looks can leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of where to find real standout inspiration.

So, what is a girl to do in this situation?

Discover the top 10 viral nail trends of 2024, as unveiled by beauty experts in this post. Because every girl deserves to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Super Awesome Side Note: The best way for me to wear any of these looks is to find an organic alternative.

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TL: DR A quick post glance:

  1. Long
  2. French
  3. Short
  4. Almond
  5. Square
  6. Chrome
  7. Green
  8. BIAB
  9. Pastel
  10. 3D

Sound juicy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start!

1. Long Nail Trends

nail trendsAccording to beauty and wellness experts at Journo Research, the sight of long nails has become an increasingly popular trend, captivating viewers with a staggering 11,287,446 combined views and posts on TikTok and Instagram.

These nails provide a vibrant canvas for a multitude of colors and intricate designs, creating a visually stunning spectacle.

However, amidst their soaring popularity, there is a risk of these nails becoming an overdone look at this year’s festivals, dampening the novelty they once held. 

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2. French Manicure

nail trends

French manicured nails continues to captivate hearts worldwide. The sight of perfectly shaped, glossy nails adorned with the iconic white tips has garnered an impressive 9,406,341 combined views and posts, showcasing the enduring popularity of this style.

The smooth texture of the manicured nails against the fingertips evokes a sense of sophistication and simplicity. However, as this beloved look gains viral adoration, there is a concern that its ubiquity at events may reduce its allure.

Despite this, I firmly believe that the timeless elegance of French manicured nails will forever remain a leading nail trend. The sight of perfectly shaped nails, with their pristine white tips contrasting against the natural pink hue, evokes a sense of sophistication and refinement. The best way for me to wear this look is to find an organic alternative.

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3. Short Nail Trends

According to beauty experts, the trend of embracing minimalism and functionality is clear in the rise of short nails, with a staggering 6,338,707 combined social media views and posts. This proves that less is indeed more for some individuals.

The resurgence of short nails in the fashion scene is great news for those who prefer low maintenance manicures.

However, as they become increasingly popular, one might start seeing them frequently on social media, leading to a potential sense of trend fatigue. 

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4. Almond Nails

Almond nails, with their elegant shape and adaptability, have become a sensation on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, accumulating a staggering 4,182,041 views and posts. This popular feminine style captivates with its alluring charm.

However, amidst the vibrant sea of manicures, almond nails have become a common sight, blending seamlessly with ladies supporting this fashion trend.

5. Square Nail Trends

Square nails create a striking visual impact with their clean shapes and sharp look, with 3,118,309 combined Instagram and TikTok views and posts, according to beauty experts. 

Their clean shapes and sharp edges catch the eye, adding a sense of boldness to any look.

However, their popularity on social media and at festivals is evident in the colorful explosion of nail trends this season. This also contributes to their predictability, making them a common nail trend choice this season. 

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6. Chrome Nails

Chrome nails, with their sleek and reflective surface, add a touch of edginess to any manicure. They have garnered a staggering 2,750,114 social media views and posts, captivating the hearts of manicure enthusiasts worldwide.

The mesmerizing shimmer of chrome nails enchants the eyes, while their smooth texture offers a sensory delight to the touch.

The allure lies in their mesmerizing high-shine finish, glistening like a million stars, effortlessly transforming any manicure into a red-carpet spectacle. However, amidst their rising popularity, the omnipresence of chrome nails at events may lead to overexposure, diminishing their novelty. 

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7. Green Nails

Green nails have become a social media sensation, captivating audiences with their vibrant and eye-catching appearance. With a staggering 1,736,528 combined views and posts, ladies are embracing the refreshing hues of nature. The sight of these nails is like a burst of color, filling screens with a lively and invigorating presence.

However, as the popularity of this lively shade surges, there is a potential risk of it losing its initial charm and distinctive appeal, becoming all too commonplace. 

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8. BIAB Nails

With their durable and flexible nature, BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) nails have captivated the senses of 1,578,756 individuals on Instagram and TikTok. The sight of these flawless manicures has drawn in viewers and posters alike, as the vibrant colors and impeccable finishes tantalize the eyes.

The sounds of admiration and praise echo through the virtual realm, as the popularity of BIAB nails continues to grow. As ladies run their fingers over the smooth and flawless surfaces, they experience the satisfying feeling of a healthy and resilient manicure option. 

9. Pastel Nail Trend

nail trends

With their delicate and soothing shades, pastel nails have garnered an astonishing 955,785 views and posts, enveloping every manicure in a gentle and feminine ambiance. The sight of these soft hues is visually captivating. The smoothness of the pastel nails adds an exquisite tactile sensation, completing the overall experience.

Their timeless charm effortlessly harmonizes with different styles, yet, amidst the beauty, the pervasiveness of these colors on social media hints at a potential risk of overexposure, like a delicate balance that could disrupt.

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10. 3D nails

nail trends

Pushing the boundaries of nail art, 3D nails have garnered an impressive 835,654 combined views and posts. These eye-catching creations exhibit intricate designs that bring a sense of depth and dimension to every manicure.

As you gaze upon these mesmerizing works of art, their complexity and visual allure captivate you.

However, as their popularity surges, there is a possibility of oversaturation at events and on social media. Amidst the crowd, the once-uniqueness of these extraordinary nails may gradually fade away, blending into the bustling atmosphere. 

Major Takeaways

You now know the top 10 viral nail trends of 2024, as unveiled by beauty experts, allowing you to stay ahead of the fashion curve. 

This post is a part of Awayion Beauty. So make sure you come back for more powerful beauty tips.

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