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Are you sick and tired of having panda eyes, crusty feet, or frizzy hair? 

If so, you need to know how coconut oil can end to some of your beauty woes.

In this post, discover remarkable coconut oil beauty hacks you must know. So, you can say goodbye to searching for more beauty hacks elsewhere (*ideally, wink-wink). Because every girl should know how to benefit from coconut oil.

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TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Say Bye To Panda Eyes
  2. Enjoy Soft & Lovely Feet
  3. Hello Frizz Free Hair

Sound fabulous? Okay, ladies, let’s start. 

1. Say Bye to Panda Eyes with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil beauty hacks

For starters, coconut oil could help you ease the pain of covering your panda eyes. Daily eye-makeup use and poor removal can cause Panda Eyes (AKA dark circles & irritated skin around the eye).

To say goodbye to Panda Eyes, use coconut oil to remove makeup from your eyes. It breaks up water-resistant ingredients in mascara and shadow, releasing them from the skin and eyes (Palmer’s, 2018).

Panda Eyes are hard to cover. So, coconut oil is a fancy hack to fix this problem. You know that nobody loves looking like a fluffy panda bear in the morning. Right, ladies?

SUPER AWESOME SIDE NOTE: The “Panda eyes” I am referring to are dark circles under your eyes. Not the wickedness done to the innocent.

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2. Enjoy Soft & Lovely Feet

Coconut oil is a juicy hack that helps you have lovely feet. This wonder oil creates a breathable protective barrier. Of which, locks in moisture and prevents dehydration on the most tortured of feet (Palmer’s, 2018).

To make this hack work, apply coconut oil on your feet overnight. And then cover your feet with a thick pair of socks to let it sink into your skin. Then presto, you get soft and lovely feet.

Wonderful, right?

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3. Hello Frizz-free Hair

Coconut oil beauty hacks

With this natural beauty hack you can say sayonara to frizzy hair days. To enjoy frizz free hair massage coconut oil in your hair after your shampoo.

You can enjoy smoother, frizz-free hair, because the natural oils in coconut oil repel water when it tries to enter the hair shaft (Palmer’s, 2018).

Fancy, huh?

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Major Takeaways

You now know 3 absolutely remarkable coconut oil beauty hacks.

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Know of other beauty uses for coconut oil?

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