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How to have perfect eastern or western dining etiquette 👸🏻 — See this | AWAYION BEAUTY

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Dining etiquette? Do you yearn to exude elegance as you sit at the beautifully set dining table of a festive dinner party? Yet, when engaging with others in the east or west, you do not know the proper dining etiquette? Gnarly, eh?

Ah, I understand.

How can you fix this problem?

Unlock hidden secrets of dining etiquette at a dinner party in the east or west through this video-based post. Because every girl deserves to exude grace and charm at any dinner party.

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TL: DR A quick post glance:

  1. Why being elegant while dining matters?
  2. “Table Manners 101: 5 Must Know Dining Etiquette Tips” by Mika Meier
  3. “11 Rules of Korean Table Manners.” by SweetAndTastyTV
  4. “Modern Japanese Table Manners” by Rachel and Jun

Sound juicy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start!

1. Why being elegant while dining matters?

dining etiquette

Being elegant is a delightful juxtaposition in a mundane, pedestrian world that often embraces vulgarity. However, to achieve true elegance, a lady must have a profound understanding of proper table manners. The dining experience itself presents distinct customs and etiquette in both the eastern and western cultures. Failing to grasp these nuances can tarnish the perception others hold of you. That being said, whether indulging in a meal in the east or the west, to preserve your elegance, you must exude grace and poise, conquering any dining occasion with finesse.

That said, let’s take a peak at the definition of elegance. Now, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, elegance is characterized by gracefulness and attractiveness in both appearance and behavior (Cambridge Dictionary, 2023).

Now that you understand the meaning of elegance, you can start having your dining behavior to embody it. But how, you ask? In this post, we will incorporate video advice from various social etiquette gurus, allowing their expertise to guide us. That being said, if you’re looking for dining etiquette advice, the videos below are definitely worth watching. Let’s start.

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2. “Table Manners 101: 5 Must Know Dining Etiquette Tips… by Mika Meier

Without knowledge, achieving elegance at a dinner party remains an elusive goal. Enter NYC Plaza Hotel’s Official Etiquette Instructor, Mika Meier, whose expertise in dining etiquette is unparalleled. In her video below, immerse yourself in the world of perfect western table manners.

👉✨Watch the video here

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3. “11 Rules of Korean Table Manners. by SweetAndTastyTV

Achieving elegance in South Korea becomes an immersive experience when you embrace the proper table manners of their gracious host. In a captivating video presented by SweetAndTastyTV, practical tips for achieving proper table etiquette at a South Korean dinner party are unveiled.

👉✨Watch the video here

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4. Modern Japanese Table Manners by Rachel and Jun

To truly experience elegance at a Japanese dinner party, a lady must immerse herself in the art of its customs. In the captivating video by Rachel and Jun, you are guided through a sensory journey, discovering invaluable techniques to master the refined Japanese dining etiquette.

👉✨Watch the video here

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Major Takeaways

You now discovered hidden secrets of dining etiquette at a dinner party in the east or west.

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