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Hi, Friends!

There is something awesome about enjoying your own authentic, beautiful skin with no makeup. This is tremendous when you look awesome with no filters.

If you have to rely on makeup because of terrible skin, no worries.

In this post, discover 3 super painless ways to fast for authentic beauty. Because every girl should be a authentic beauty.

*Disclaimer: As with any health tip, ask your doctor first. Please ask an honest licensed pro. Always do further research on what you consume. These tips are based on the scientific findings of fitness experts & dietary researchers. Also, the sources for this or any post does not equal a full endorsement of any their personal views by Awayion.com.***

TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Hot Lemon Water Fast
  2. Veggie Fast | Daniel Fast
  3. One Meal Replacement Fast | Smoothie Fast

*Always check with your doc before you start any fast.*

Sound tasty? Okay, ladies, let’s start.

1. Hot Lemon Water Fast

For starters, most of us do not eat or drink properly. The stress of our busy day-to-day can cause us to have poor eating and drinking habits. With that said, to enjoy your authentic beauty, start a hot lemon water fast.

Drink hot lemon water instead of any other drink. Hot lemon water is a monumental benefit to the skin, for it limits wrinkles and acne.

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2. Veggie Diet | Daniel Fast

New Veggie Fast by Awayion Beauty

Researchers often associate nutritional deficiencies with skin health disorders. While diets can either positively or negatively influence skin condition.

A vegetarian diet, and fasting periods, may be beneficial for poor skin. Such as clearing up chronic skin inflammatory disorders such as psoriasis.

So going on a veggie fast has the potential to give you beautiful healthy skin. Start a Daniel Fast with a friend for accountability and start looking beautiful.

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3. One Meal Replacement Fast | Smoothie Fast

New One Meal by Awayion Beauty

Most of our health conscious girls are aware of the benefits of a proper smoothie. And no, I am not talking of one of those pseudosciences ‘green drinks’. I am talking of a smoothie that is nutritionally solid.

Malnutrition, and excessive food intake, can impair the skin. Replacing one meal with a healthy smoothie can cure both issues.

A power packed nutrient dense organic smoothie can create authentic beauty. This vitamin-packed smoothie can help aid skin problems such as hyper-pigmentation.

Major Takeaways

You now know 3 powerful ways to fast for authentic beauty.

This special post is a part of Inner Beauty, a new addition to Awayion. So make sure you come back for more powerful inner beauty tips.

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