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Have you ever wanted to have pretty high fashion nails and someone notices them? You know like the ones you had for your prom, wedding, or college reunion?

You know that feeling you have when you shake someone’s hand. They look at your shiny healthy looking hands and beautiful high-fashion nails. While you look at their hand and wonder why their nails look like a baby’s teething ring. And if the slightly pale hue on their hands comes from baking.

Friend, if your nails look like you are chewing on them and you want to cover them up as they heal, there’s good news! You can enjoy non-toxic nail polish without the damaging side effects.

We will quickly look at 2 nail diseases, 3 dangerous chemicals found in toxic nail polish. We will also look at 2 non-toxic polishes, so you can drop your bad nail days. Okay girls, let’s start.

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The Ugly

I always like to share the bad news first, so I can ‘restart’ you with the good news last. Toxic nail polish and nail polish remover can affect the nail bed. You can have pretty ‘diseased’ high fashion nails with toxic nail polish. Here are 2 nail diseases that can occur because of using toxic nail polish. 

·         Paronychia  This nail disease is an infection of the skin around the fingernails and toenail. This infection is found where     the skin and the nail meet. This trauma to the nails could be a result of bacteria found in toxic nail polish.  

·         Onycholysis This nail disease is better known as the splitting of the fingernail. This nail disease is caused by nail polish remover.

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The Bad

Toxic nail polishes that cause nail diseases have the following 3 chemicals.

  • Formaldehyde – can cause watery eyes; burning sensations in the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea; and skin irritation
  • Toluene – can cause neurological damage.
  • Dibutyl phthalate(DBP) – is suspected of interfering with hormone function (endocrine disruption), causing reproductive and developmental problems among other health effects

Poor Nails

The Good

To have healthy beautiful high fashion nails, use organic nail polishes. Here are two non-toxic nail polishes.

  • HoneyBee Gardens Nail Polish – Their nail polish contains NO FD&C colors, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, xylene, or formaldehyde. This product can be removed with rubbing alcohol.
  • Benecos Nail Polish – This nail polish is free of toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. And they come in pretty sensational colors.

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Major Takeaways

You now know what makes poor nails into healthy beauties. 

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