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Have you ever paused, pondering if the tampons and pads you use could cause you harm, only for your gaze to shift towards your phone, causing your train of thought to dissipate like a wisp of smoke?

I empathize with that fleeting moment of forgetfulness (*wink).

SUPER AWESOME SIDE NOTE: As you delve into the realm of feminine care products, a disconcerting truth emerges. According to diligent researchers, the enigmatic ingredients of these essential items remain concealed, their presence unacknowledged on any label. A perplexing silence shrouds their nature, leaving you in the dark, oblivious to the potential harm they may inflict upon you. It is an eerie notion, isn’t it?

What can you do?

Explore the safety of your tampons and pads in this post. Because every girl deserves to be healthy.

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TL: DR A quick post glance:

  1. Your vagina absorbs what… ?
  2. Potential unhealthy chemicals in tampons and pads
  3. Fix that… go organic

Sound interesting? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start

1. Your vagina absorbs what… ?

tampons and pads

You use feminine products against your skin, the largest organ in your body. Did you know your vagina absorbs up to 65% (or more) of the products you put there? This is not a joke.

As you go about your day, you wear feminine products against your skin. Your skin, as already stated, is the largest organ in your body. It’s permeable, meaning it can absorb substances that come into contact with it. So placing these products on your skin is like devouring it (Are Your Tampons & Pads Affecting Your Hormones? — SHE CHANGES EVERYTHING, 2020).

That being said, you may question the potential impact of feminine products on your hormones. At that, the knowledge of how these chemicals can affect your health as a woman is crucial. So, let’s explore if these products are truly unhealthy for you. 

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2. Potential unhealthy chemicals in tampons and pads

When it comes to your vaginal health, it is crucial to be aware of the chemicals present in non-organic tampons and pads. Take a moment to investigate and gather information on feminine products, so you can make an informed and healthy decision regarding their usage. You can start by looking at the list of chemicals below.

Here is a brief list of chemicals found in your non-organic tampons and pads from shechangeseverything.com:

Parabens: Wellness researchers state some manufacturers employ parabens as preservatives in personal lubricants and food. With a chemical structure resembling estrogen, they possess the ability to imitate its effects within your body. Picture a potent hormone disrupter intricately linked to the development of breast cancer.

Perfume and fragrances (Phalates): According to wellness researchers, certain companies incorporate various additives into non-organic tampons and pads, including odor neutralizers and fragrances, artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene, and propylene glycol (PEG). These additions can be detected through their distinct scents, vibrant colors, and the texture they bring to the products. However, researchers have found a concerning link between these types of chemicals and hormone disruption, raising concerns about their potential impact on our health.

Plastic: Researchers claim a single non-organic sanitary pad contains the same amount of plastic as four crinkly plastic bags. These non-organic pads have the potential to introduce harmful plastic chemicals into your bloodstream, creating a concerning impact on your health.

Chlorine and other potentially toxic materials: Wellness researchers claim companies use chlorine and other potentially toxic materials for bleaching wood pulp and cotton (found in some feminine products). Unfortunately, this chemical reaction can give rise to harmful dioxin and disinfection-by-products (DBPs) like trihalomethane. Researchers have established a connection between dioxin exposure and the development of cancer.

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3. Fix that… go organic

tampons and pads

According to wellness researchers, going organic with your tampons and pads is a fantastic way to protect your vagina from sickness and shield it from absorbing harmful chemicals. The benefits of opting for organic tampons and pads are not just good, they’re great. How so, you ask?

The purity of organic materials ensures good hygiene and promotes a sense of cleanliness. According to researchers, organic cotton, with its soft and natural texture, lasts longer compared to regular cotton, ensuring a more enduring and reliable experience. As you use 100% organic pads, you’ll notice the absence of any synthetic or untested elements that are often found in non-organic pads. Imagine the relief as you put on an organic pad, free from any plastic that causes irritation and allergic reactions. Your skin can finally breathe, feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Now, let’s talk about the unpleasant reality of chlorine bleaching in non-organic tampons and pads. The intense scent of bleach is absent when you choose organic. This means you can say goodbye to the worry of exposing yourself to high levels of dioxins, which can lead to skin lesions and liver problems. So, the next time you shop for tampons and pads, make sure your organic pad proudly bears the label “unbleached.” Your body will thank you (Are Your Tampons & Pads Affecting Your Hormones? — SHE CHANGES EVERYTHING, 2020).

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Major Takeaways

You now explored the safety of your tampons and pads.

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