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Ever wondered if your poor posture is making or keeping you fat? Only to retain bad posture as you research the matter — by looking down with hunched shoulders and a double chin?

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What can you do?

In this post, discover how your poor posture is making you fat and how to fix it. Because every girl needs a remedy to stop being fat.

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  1. Poor posture is… ?
  2. Solution

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1. Poor posture is… ?

poor posture

According to researchers, posture is how a person’s habits can affect their physical body. Conditions such as text neck, distorted pelvis, and rounded shoulders — are typical ways poor posture begins (Rounded shoulders: Causes, risk factors, diagnosis, and exercises, 2021).

Poor posture disrupts how the muscles in the thighs, butt, hips, neck, back, and shoulders function. These muscles control the way the body maintains its posture throughout the day.

Activities contributing to poor posture can include:

  • looking down and/or being hunched over while using electronics (PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet)
  • sitting slouched for long periods
  • driving a vehicle while slouching
  • bending over from your mid-stomach and not your hips
  • leaning on one leg for support while standing

By inadvertently training your body to be bent the wrong way over time, your muscles interpret this slumped position as the body’s natural state. This is how poor posture keeps or makes you fat — despite your weight loss efforts. Even worse, poor posture is destructive for the body if left untreated.

The risks of having rounded shoulders, back fat, bulging stomach fat, hip and butt fat, and massive thighs are high when you have poor posture.

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2. Solution

Ready to discover how to drop stubborn body fat — via correcting your poor posture? Of course you are, that’s why you clicked on this post, right?

In the YouTube video below, Japanese Ballet Dancer and Fitness Instructor Yuki Nakagawa (I know. I have referenced this guy before – relax. ^^) explains how your posture is making you fat and how to correct this issue — so you can get fit.

This is one of many natural methods for correcting poor posture to lose weight you can find on his channel.

So, check out his video. (Psst… for English click on the closed caption button).

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Major Takeaways

You now know how your posture is making you fat and how to fix it. 

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