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Do you believe the world needs to hear all your thoughts? Do you flood social media with your every thought? Every day? So the world can praise you?

Are others are quick to end conversations with you? Or worse, ghost you?

If you are experiencing this, you talk too much.

So, what can you do?

In this post, discover the power of silence and how you can benefit. Because every girl in Christ should know when to speak and when to stay silent.

Super Awesome Side Note: This post does not advocate for you to use silence to cause harm. The information in this post is about comprehending the power of silence.

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TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Using silence requires minimal action
  2. Your worth increases
  3. Your time becomes valued

Sound juicy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start!

1. Using silence requires minimal action

power of silence

If you talk too much, then knowing when not to speak is vital (and powerful). You must discern when not to speak. That being said, if you find yourself suffering from talking too much, then your use of silence could help you.

For starters, the mere act of ignoring someone is dynamic. Researchers say it is powerful because it requires minimal action from its user and uses the mind of their victim to damage itself in Kamikaze fashion (Why Silence / Ignoring Is a Powerful Psychological Warfare Tool, 2020).

For example, Yeshua Messiah stayed silent as accusers presented damaging information about an adulterous woman. At that, Yeshua states the person without sin could deliver justice. Then He became silent again.

As Messiah Yeshua stayed silent, the woman’s accusers mind attacked itself by replaying damning images of their past transgressions. Soon fear and anxiety erupted inside of them — at the thought of being the target for justice themselves. So they fled the scene — without a long monologue from our Messiah. Fancy, huh?

So, like Yeshua, you must discern when not to speak. At that, your use of silence could help you.

Research  John 8:6-8, Matthew 7:6, Proverbs 26:4, Isaiah 36:21

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2. Your worth increases

power of silence

Your worth diminishes, when others know you as a blabbermouth. To fix this issue, your use of silence could rebuild your worth. 

For example, Yeshua Messiah is not a blabbermouth — this is known because His use of silence is epic and historical. That said, on the night of our Messiah’s betrayal, He remained silent during most of His accusers’ intense questioning. At that, His powerful silence crept into the mind of His accusers. Soon, they made a sign for Yeshua, declaring Him as the “King.” Epic, eh?

So the takeaway here is the more you are quiet, the more valuable you appear.

Research  Matthew 14:61, Matthew 15:2-5

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3. Your time is valued

power of silence

Men and women do not value your time — when you talk too much. Men will ghost you or worse when you lack discernment on when to be silent.

That said, when you know how to use the power of silence, others could respect your time. For example, by ignoring someone who chooses to spend time on you, you serve to differentiate your time from theirs in terms of value (Why Silence / Ignoring Is a Powerful Psychological Warfare Tool, 2020).

Soon, you’d be deemed worthy of their time, while they wouldn’t be deserving of yours in the form of a reply. You’d introduce an imbalance to the market value of your respective focuses (Why Silence / Ignoring Is a Powerful Psychological Warfare Tool, 2020).

This is effective because we only spend time on what we deem to be important. Think about it. Something scarce is considered important.

As a warning, your use of silence should be done with wisdom, because it could backfire.

Research Ecclesiastes 3:7

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Major Takeaways

You now know the power of silence and how you can benefit.

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