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You are a believer who is struggling to manage a relationship with a narcissist, correct? Christ tells you to love your enemies and do good to those who mistreat you. But your “love” of a narcissist is destroying you.

What can you do?

Discover in this post how believers should act when dealing with a narcissist. Because every girl in Christ needs to know. 

Super Awesome Side Note: Before we start, understand we will not claim contested truths. And we will refrain from falling into the trap of “teaching man-made ideas as commands from the Creator.”

Out of respect for believers, we will simply acknowledge the multiplicity of views on this subject (the keyword is “acknowledge” and not agree). So, always do further research.

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*Disclaimer: These tips could be helpful. Especially if you are a believer in Christ. Always do further research. The sources for this or any post do not equal a full endorsement of any ministry or evangelist’s personal views by***

TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. What is a narcissist + what does the Bible say about them?
  2. What God (YHWH) does to a narcissist…
  3. Your strategy

Sound juicy? Okay, Ladies. Let’s start.

1. What is a narcissist + what does the Bible say about them?


According to the Mayo Clinic, someone with a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD, aka a narc/narcissist) has an inflated sense of one’s own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them. People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others (aka zero empathy). But behind this mask of extreme confidence, they are not sure of their self-worth and are easily upset by the slightest criticism (Narcissistic personality disorder 2023).

Biblically, narcissists are those individuals characterized by their works of the flesh — the most prominent of which being pride, which shines above all else. These folks will not inherit the Kingdom of God, unless they have a Damascus road incident

Now, to define the numerous evil activities (aka works of the flesh) of those living as a narcissist do — would take too much time. A biblical takeaway is to know the true the power of the Holy Spirit has not changed them — yet. That said, don’t believe them if they continue their M.O. while professing to be a believer in Messiah Yeshua (aka Christ Jesus of Nazareth). Through their actions and words, those — in this case, narcissists — are characterized by the works of the flesh have not experienced the true rebirth.

Research Proverbs 16:18, Galatians 5:16-24, Acts 9

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2. What God (YHWH) does to a narcissist…

In short, what our Heavenly Father does to the narcissist is called judgement. To see His outstanding judgement of a narcissist play out, let’s look at how God (YHWH) judged two notorious narcissists — Jezebel and her husband Ahab.

Ahab was the sixth king of Israel, who succeeded his father Omri B. C. 918 and reigned for twenty-two years. His wife was Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal, king of Tyre; an ambitious and passionate idolatress, through whose influence the worship of Baal and Ashtoreth was introduced in Israel (God’s terrible judgement on Ahab and Jezebel fully explained 2022).

Ahab built statues of Baal and increased the amount of idol worship in the land. Idolatry is the one thing that God finds the most detestable. His commandment is clear and resolute; we shall worship no other god above him. Ahab, the quintessential narcissist, blatantly disregards this command, demonstrating his lack of respect for regulations. Narcissists have no respect for rules — they are notorious for breaking them.

That being said, even though God granted King Ahab several warnings and mercies, he persisted in his sinful ways. Ahab’s wickedness and his worship of false gods provoked the Lord’s wrath. God then sent Elijah to proclaim His judgments upon him and his descendants. Elijah fearlessly stood before the king, his voice ringing out with God’s looming message:

“Thus says the LORD, ‘Look, I will bring disaster on you, and will utterly sweep you away and will cut off from Ahab everyone, slave or free in Israel.” – 1 Kings 20:21

When God announced his terrible judgment, Ahab was humbled and accepted it with mercy and grace. He expressed his humility through tangible actions, such as tearing his clothes, wrapping himself in sackcloth, and refraining from eating for some time. The key phrase here is “for some time.

This does not appear to be genuine humility — for a narcissist is not humble.

That being said, Ahab continued to sin against God — thus he experienced God’s wrath. Ahab died in a battle against the King of Aram. His enemies slain him, and dogs licked up his blood at the pool of Samaria as prophesied (God’s terrible judgement on Ahab and Jezebel fully explained 2022).

In addition to her husband’s NPD, pride filled Jezebel used her ruling power to kill some prophets of God. She even smeared Naboth — which led to his death and theft of his land. Narcissists have zero empathy — thus the vile acts Jezebel committed didn’t bother her. Soon enough, she too experienced God’s wrath. Elijah prophesied her death (aka God’s judgement), and it came to pass.

In conclusion, it is clear that our Heavenly Father will use judgement on the narcissist.

Research 1 Kings 20, Romans 12:19

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3. Your strategy


To gain a deeper knowledge of how God wants you — a believer — to approach a narcissistic situation, look at Proverbs 14:7-9,11,12 + Romans 12: 9-10.

Stay away from a foolish man; you will gain no knowledge from his speech. The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way, but the folly of fools deceives them. Fools mock the making of amends, but goodwill is found among the upright. — Proverbs 14:7-9

The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish. There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. — Proverbs 14:11-12

Love must be sincere. Detest what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Outdo yourselves in honoring one another. — Romans 12: 9-10

By breaking God’s laws, one becomes His enemy — and yours, as well (research James 4:4). God commanded you as a believer to genuinely and deeply love your enemy. That being said, to effectively manage your relationship with a narcissist, you must learn to show them love from a distance, while plotting no revenge. That could mean ending your relationship with them. Easier said than done — I know.

If the narcissist has done you wrong, remember that God’s vengeance is righteous and divine. He will take action. He will avenge you.

For further insight on how should a believer deal with a narcissist, watch this video below:

Research Proverbs 14, Romans 12:9-10, Deuteronomy 7:10, James 4:4

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