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Are you aware of hidden contaminants known as Dioxins? That could potentially harm your health & outer beauty?

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In this post, discover 3 hidden facts you need to know about Dioxins.

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    What are Dioxins? These organic chemicals are categorized as persistent environmental pollutants. They exist forever and never disappear in the environment. Yikes!

Hidden Fact 1

For starters, tremendous amounts of this organic chemical is in animal products. You can lower your intake of these organic chemicals. Stick to a diet of pesticide and herbicide free organically grown fruits and veggies.

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Hidden Fact 2

These organic chemicals are also found in some beauty & personal care products. You can lower your exposure. By checking to see if your product contains Triclosan. Should this chemical be present, it can turn into dioxin.

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Hidden Fact 3

Bleached Product Dioxin by Awayion Beauty

Serious amounts of these organic chemicals are in bleached paper products.

You can lower your usage. By avoiding the use of bleached paper products like napkins, tissue, and paper towels.

SUPER AWESOME SIDE NOTE: Researchers found risks with exposure to dioxins. These risks can potentially result in cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

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You now know 3 hidden facts about Dioxins.

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