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Hi, Friends!

You are trying on new swimsuits in a boutique dressing room.

After a quick glance at your backside in the mirror you see cellulite – and it doesn’t look good.

Total bummer.

But you want cellulite gone, right?

What can you do?

In this post, discover a few simple ways to get rid of cellulite. Because every girl deserves to look great – not lumpy.

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TL:DR A quick post glance:

  1. Cellulite is what?
  2. Exercise to the Rescue to get rid of cellulite
  3. Diet Overhaul
  4. Balance Your Hormones

Sound doable? Okay, ladies. Let’s start!

1. Cellulite is what?

For starters, seeing these lumps under your skin is one thing. Knowing how they got there is another. So what is cellulite exactly?

“We know that cellulite is caused by the interaction and vicious cycle of swollen fat cells, impaired lymphatic drainage, and basic skin anatomy, but the biologic process behind this process is not completely understood,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. David Bank of Mount Kisco, NY.

“While you often start to see cellulite in women who are still in their twenties, it becomes more prominent as they age and their skin loses elasticity. Cellulite is most common in women once they reach their forties and fifties.”

So, lets recap, cellulite comes from swollen fat cells, not aging skin only. With that said, even being a Millennial like me or Gen-Z does not exempt you from getting lumpy body parts.

2. Exercise to the rescue to get rid of cellulite

Boosting blood flow to your lumpy areas can help remove cellulite and weight training helps to build muscle and burn fat (both which help decrease the look of cellulite).

“The simplest form of treatment for cellulite is diet, exercise, and hydration,” says NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory LaTrenta

Please note that you cannot spot remove fat. Your body works to remove its own predetermined problem areas. Weight training of your whole body will help you decrease the look of cellulite.

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3. Diet Overhaul

You have been told that you can eat anything and look great because you are young. But, listening to that lie could make you a prime mark for cellulite.

This means your young body (or old body) needs a proper diet to decrease the look of lumpy skin.

“the best, simplest way to reduce cellulite is through healthy eating habits, and exercising at least 30 minutes a day.”, says Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta

There is evidence that ingesting enough omega-3 fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins helps reduce cellulite.

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4. Balance Your Hormones

Get rid of cellulite now

If your hormones are out of whack then you could be boosting your chances to having cellulite.

“… when estrogen levels increase and collagen levels decrease, certain areas of the body become more susceptible to forming cellulite.”, says board-certified dermatologist Dr. David Bank of Mount Kisco, NY.

Some researchers agree hormones play a large part in cellulite formation (one reason that women typically get it and men don’t) and balancing hormones could help reduce cellulite.

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Major Takeaways

You now know a few simple ways to get rid of cellulite.

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